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Bob's Communicatorium #01

Bob's Communicatorium

Communicatorium: a place to stop, think, talk and communicate with others.

A learning community.

Apart from this 'blog' section of my website, we organise
Events where people can get together.

Here are the references from my talk 'Returning to Attachment'. These are not in academic reference format, and are intended as a guide for further reading as well as to acknowledge sources.

John Bowlby: 'Attachment and Loss'
Sigmund Freud 'On Repression"
Sue Gerhardt: 'Why Love Matters'
Jean Knox ‘Self Agency in Psychotherapy’. Attachment, Autonomy, Intimacy.
'Attachment: Current Focus and Future Directions' Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Occasional Papers no 29.

Video clip: Still Face Experiment: Dr Edward Tronick. YouTube


Here is the reference and reading list from my seminar on Saturday 12th January.

1 The Evening Standard, 11th January 2013. The Savile stories.
2 Christopher Lasch 'The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations'. Norton. (1979)
3 Giles Fraser Twitter feed: 'Loose Canon' talk/article on Freud and St Augustine
4 Norman O Brown 'Life Against Death -the Psychoanalytical Meaning of History'. Wesleyan University Press (1959)
5 Adolf Hitler 'Mein Kampf' first published 1925/1927 quoted in Erich Fromm 'Fear of Freedom' pp143 Routledge (2010)
6 Guy Debord 'The Society of the Spectacle'Zone Books 1994. Useful link:
7 Life of Pi. Ang Lee. Film on release January 2013.
8 Andy Merrifield 'Guy Debord - Critical Lives' Reaktion Books
9 Slumdog Millionaire - film 2008 Danny Boyle
10 Jonathan Swift 'Gullivers Travels' (1726) 'The Lady's Dressing Room' (1732). You can find this via Google.
11 Richard Wilkinson 'The Spirit Level - why equality is better for everyone. Penguin 2010.
12 W.R.Bion 'Experiences in Groups' (1961) 'War Memoirs 1917-1919. Karnac (1997)
13 S.H.Foulkes 'Group Psychotherapy - the Psychoanalytic Approach. Karnac.
14 S. Freud 'Civilisation and its Discontents' (1939) 'On Narcissism' (1916)
15Oliver James 'Britain on the Couch'. (1998/2010) 'Affluenza' (2007)
16 Laurie Penny 'New Statesman'/ 'Guardian articles/twitter feed.
17 'Bion's Sources - the Making of a Genius. Ed. R Hinshelwood (publication pending 2013) Chapter by Bob Harris and Layla Redway-Harris on 'Bion and the Philosophy of Science'.

The Communicatorium Event format is simple; we begin with a themed presentation of some kind,
often accompanied by poetry or something performance-arts based to help us connect and resonate
with the emotional content of the topic. Then some Q and A, and coffee break followed by a free discussion
group to help integrate the presentations with personal thoughts and experience.
Lots of freedom to think within a structure.

Communicatorium Events

Oliver James, has promised to return. Watch this space for news of upcoming events.

Bob's Communicatorium #02


My book, 'Working with Distressed Young People' is now available.
click here to check it out. All reviews welcome. Incidentally, the other books
by 'Bob Harris' listed on the Waterstones and Amazon websites are not
by me, I'm glad to say.

That's it for now, but if you don't read too good, here are some more pictures below.


Firstly, some developmental psychology. Scroll down for comparative
studies in mother/infant observation.
The first four pictures were taken before the government destroyed
'SureStart' on the grounds that it didn't offer 'value for money'.

Bob's Communicatorium #03

in the British Museum

Bob's Communicatorium #04

I just kind of like this. Happy memories of my encounters with HR Departments.

Bob's Communicatorium #05

Bob's Communicatorium #06

Enjoy being mashed into the machine. Why not work as hard as you can to keep it all going.
Don't complain, don't think, be happy! Read 50 Shades of Grey!

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